Omni Tech Medical’s Response to the Invasion of Ukraine

Omni Tech Medical stands with many others in condemning Russia’s illegitimate invasion of the independent nation of Ukraine, and we are mourning the shocking losses happening there and the estimated 2.5 million war refugees.

We have been encouraged by the many businesses that have taken action to halt financial and other ties with Russia. There are many ways to take a stand that do not include brute force, and we are grateful for the united front that is countering this attack through strong, alternative means. Our heart also goes out to the countless innocent Russians who oppose this war and who are making their voices heard at great risk.

Meanwhile, we have gathered a list of some of the nonprofit organizations responding to the humanitarian crisis, both on the ground in Ukraine and in surrounding countries.

  • Direct Relief — working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other on-the-ground partners to provide urgently needed medical aid.
  • UNICEF — providing emergency assistance for children and families in hard-hit areas inside Ukraine and those fleeing Ukraine.
  • International Committee of the Red Cross — providing essential items and medical equipment where needed and rehabilitating damaged homes.
  • Doctors Without Borders — working on emergency response activities in Ukraine and dispatching teams to Poland, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia to assist Ukrainian refugees.
  • International Rescue Committee — working to mobilize resources and provide life-saving support to civilians forced to flee their homes.
  • Choose Love — running a $3 million campaign to support partners in the region providing vital aid and services to those still in Ukraine and fleeing the country.
  • World Central Kitchen – providing meals in response to humanitarian, climate, and community crises, including food for families fleeing Ukraine and those left behind.

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