Maximizing the Success of your Overseas Training (Straight from those who have been there)

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Omni Tech could probably write a book about localization, translation, and in-country training deployment. No matter how well designed the domestic training is, and no matter how strongly based on learning objectives and desired commercial outcomes, a smart adaptation to the needs, sales practices, and compliance of the targeted countries will give you the full attention of your international audience and ensure maximum impact.

The Planned Global Approach to Internationalization

Omni Tech Medical

Why make the effort to localize and translate?

From sales practices to scientific content and product knowledge, training and materials adapted to specific markets will consistently give you:

  • Greatly increased local Goodwill. You are showing respect, and you are illustrating that key aspects of the training content are targeted specifically for your foreign audience, including local information and regulatory compliance.
  • Maximized Information Retention. You know how hard it can be for native-English speaking trainees to assimilate complex concepts. Now, imagine having to do that in a language that is not your own (English), using materials that are clearly not aimed at you. It does not work or at least not very well. By recognizing the importance of each market rather than offering a “one size fits all” training format, you will better reach out to your trainees to achieve genuine contact and real training ROI.
  • Effective Modularity. There is no need to reinvent the wheel for each country or market. Modularity can make localization and translation a manageable, repeatable process that is cost-effective and has a high impact.

Whether it is local examples from the field, regional data to get your point across to your reps and partners, or a fact sheet based on the latest label used in their country, the success of your training depends mostly on how your materials and activities are locally relevant.

Omni Tech Medical helps you create trainings that are fully modular and designed for cost and time-saving adaptation to any country. Our medical writing team spans 3 continents and works closely on the localization with our expert linguists.

For much more information about Global Training, click here for an article recently published by LTEN, packed with Global Training Tips and Tricks.

Talk with us about your international projects, and we will put our full experience at your service.