The Key to Post-Training Success

We often emphasize how important post-training follow-up strategies really are to ensure subject retention and sustained interest. We all have a tendency of forgetting things after a short period of time and that is the reason why frequent refresher training and post-training is so beneficial. The post-training period is often also the critical time during which learning is measured and the course effectiveness is evaluated. Here are four useful tips to ensure post-training success:

1. Send follow-up emails with links and attachments to supporting materials:

Sending follow-up emails immediately after training completion will help to keep the content fresh and serve as reference. A video of the training, copies of presentations, links to a summary are just a few examples of a successful follow-up.

2. Create regularly timed content, supplemental lessons or quizzes (Micro Learning) to reinforce key learning points:

A series of small content reminders starting soon after the main training is over, is a great example of an easy way to encourage content retention and serves as constant reminders of core concepts. Leaderboards can keep motivation high and ongoing. Microlearning content can be pushed using a variety of different mobile methods, ranging from texts to emails.

3. Gather Learner Feedback. Conduct surveys and social media polls to collect input:

Surveys and encouraged input is a great way to collect information to improve your elearning strategy and ensure that your content is always right on target and helps your sales teams to resolve pain points that they may encounter in the field.

4. Create opportunities to practice the newly acquired skills, and develop assessments as well:

Give the learners the chance to apply the information and skills they have learned using “drill and practice” activities, for example. Regular reassessment increases the incentives for employees to retain information. Creativity is key to keep things interesting for your teams and keep their motivation high.


Talk to us about your post training needs. For the Omni Team, sales training is not something hypothetical. We have been in the field ourselves, we have managed sales teams and we have been on the receiving end of Pharma sales training!