Is your Sales Model Training too passive? DiSC for Sales!

Are you thinking that your Sales Model Training is perhaps more about teaching than learning and doing?

Does your training model feel like a one-way street?

For years now, there has been a growing recognition of what has been called “the death of the sales model,” only to be vastly accelerated by the pandemic and a forced reconsideration of sales techniques and processes.

In our previous tip, we shared how you can add a new dimension to your Sales Model training by seamlessly integrating DiSC for Sales. Let’s talk about that a little more.

Sales Model Training is often thought of as being a straightforward repetition of well-known processes. Sales models, after all, are maybe not all that different from each other, right? Right. Some are better than others, but all are roadmaps to a desired business outcome.

But in a business world that is changing and adapting at a dizzying speed, that is not enough!

Trainees want and need the training to be relevant, applicable, engaging, and interactive. Omni Tech’s years of experience have shown us that they need an edge and not just a simple 4-step process, especially when it comes to Sales Model Training!

Here are some ideas to involve your learners in graduating to Sales Model Training 2.0 and provide them that edge:

  • Review your in-house sales process and model – tune it up, update it, sharpen the saw.
  • Integrate a deeper understanding of predictable human behavior into your model, making the two seamless, from pre-call planning to post-call analysis.
  • Personalize and adapt your selling model to each of your trainees’ selling styles and strengths.
  • And of the utmost importance, specialize your engagement model to each customer’s behaviors and buying style. One size does not fit all!

At Omni, we believe that Sales Model Training should be just as creative and adaptive as sales reps need to be during their calls. Innovative training breeds success!

Talk with us about bringing your Sales Model Training truly to life with DiSC for sales!

If your sales model is too passive, what this video!