Is your Sales Model Training Stuck at v1.0?

“Animate” Your Sales Model Training

Wonder if your training model is failing to fully engage your learners because it is out of date or flat? Sales may be a timeless profession, but learning and doing must keep up with the times.

For years now, there has been a growing recognition of what has been called “the death of the sales model,” only to be vastly accelerated by the pandemic and a forced reconsideration of sales techniques and processes.

Today, more acutely than ever, field teams need and demand more than repetitive, static, and theoretical Sales Model Training (We at Omni hear you, and we get it!).

To outperform today, field teams require an additional dimension of training that takes a deeper dive into complex human interactions utilizing their personal selling style in addition to the specific buying style, needs, and concerns of each of their customers. Our team specializes in this training model to ensure that it is effective, challenging, and enriching for you and your teams!

Here are some initial suggestions to bring your Sales Model Training up to 2.0:

  • Review your in-house sales process and model – tune it up, update it, sharpen the saw.
  • Integrate a deeper understanding of predictable human behavior into your model, making the two seamless, from pre-call planning to post-call analysis.
  • Personalize and adapt your selling model to each of your trainees’ selling styles and strengths.
  • And of the utmost importance, specialize your engagement model to each customer’s behaviors and buying style. One size does not fit all!

We, at Omni, call this process of integration “Convergence” – the intersection of human nature with methodology.

Talk with us about how we can help you modernize and strengthen your Sales Model Training to v2.0 with the integration of DiSC for sales training.