Hot Topic 9 – International Training

Today, more than ever, we must maximize performance while improving cost and time effectiveness. Designing your training material from the start to be efficient, compliant, and updatable for any foreign market makes for repeatable success. And it also greatly improves the quality of the localization phase, as well as knowledge retention.

To ensure the success of your internationalization efforts, here are some of our favorite tips:

  • Ensure all your materials are easily editable. Avoid using PDFs, scans, flat graphics, etc. and provide all reference materials. This will speed up the entire process and save time and money.
  • Avoid slogans and idiomatic expressions that are not applicable in all cultures.
  • Create approved glossaries in advance of translation, increasing both local buy-in and enhanced quality.
  • Personalize backgrounds with an easily swappable local picture and insert a few slides in the presentation that can be localized to the country you are training – local epidemiology, competitive market situation, market access, etc. You will create a lot of local goodwill and improve learning transfer.

At OmniTech Medical, we take a unique approach to internationalization; GLOBAL training has been part of our DNA since 2006.

Omni Tech Medical