Hot Topic 6 – How to measure ROI in learning & development.

Last week, we had the privilege of chatting with someone who is considered an expert in the field of Learning & Development, and he asked me, “How do you measure ROI in Learning & Development?”

Measuring the return on investment in learning and development initiatives can be tough to do if you are not asking the right questions.

Ask yourself: What do you expect to happen as a result of the training? What is your objective? Start with your business leaders and what they would like for your training to accomplish. Then, to design your measurements on ROI, you should:*

  1. State the business need the training is designed to address.
  2. Identify the key behavior change that will result if the training and reinforcement are successful.
  3. Evaluate how you and others in your organization are going to observe and document the change.
  4. Define what success looks like. When you partner with Omni Tech Medical to create your trainings, the very first question we will ask you is: What are your objectives for this training?

*The Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning: How to Turn Training and Development into Business Results

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