Hot Topic 5 – How to individualize physician engagement.

Encouragingly, studies and anecdotal evidence show that the receptiveness of physicians to digital sales tools and virtual meetings is high – with more time spent interacting with Sales Reps virtually than ever before.

However, this receptiveness must be carefully nurtured because once the novelty has worn off, a Sales Rep’s ability to influence physicians could diminish due to the less personalized nature of virtual interactions.

To make every virtual interaction count, the sales approach should be tailored to the individual. Awareness of a physician’s behavioral and personality style is key to an empathic and productive engagement; the signals that a physician gives in the Virtual World are fewer and in a narrower spectrum, so they must be carefully observed and understood.

Training on behavioral observation, including “reading” emotions that physicians may be telegraphing, is more important now than ever before.

Omni Tech Medical’s DISC and Emotional Intelligence Training Program will provide your Sales Reps with the tools, resources, and skills needed to help your sales teams excel in this environment factoring in each physician’s personal DISC style.

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