Hot Topic 11 – Change Is Good – Out with 2020 and Into 2021

Are you ready for the agility 2021 will require?

All the digitization you expected to accomplish for your training over the next decade you accomplished in 2020. All of this thrust your Learning & Development organization to the forefront of the company’s eyes. You have a seat at the corporate table like you’ve never had before. But what is ahead for 2021? Too often, you’ve heard that you need to be “agile.” What does that mean, and specifically, what does it mean for you in the coming months of 2021? A quick google of the definition mentions the need to make small changes quickly, learning from them, and adjusting based on your understanding of the situation. Sound familiar? That was 2020. Let’s relate that to 2021.

Business has changed exponentially. That includes L&D departments. Everything is remote and will be for the coming months. What do you need to know and focus on in 2021 in order to improve upon your 2020 agility success? Here are our tips:

  • Business Performance Over Skills – 2021 is more about performance rather than filling gaps in skills. Identify how your learners can provide value to HCPs and patients and make sure to provide that value quickly, and focus on the company’s bottom line. Business performance was always key, but 2020 accelerated it to being the top priority it is now.
  • Auxiliary Training – in addition to all of the training you provide, allowing your employees access to other online courses such as LinkedIn and Master Class offers them greater ability to customize their learning goals thus adding to their job satisfaction, the feeling of impact, and work-life balance.
  • Virtual with Digital Marriage – it is not all about virtual training. Zoom fatigue is real and can be discouraging to employees when it is the only methodology, especially when video is required. Instead, marry a good blend of your redesigned virtual training and digital learning in order to provide value to your attendees along with their need for social interaction and networking.
  • Agile Business Modeling is a new, lightweight approach that combines business development with agile principles to build a flexible organization capable of reacting quickly to unpredictable changes. Omni has put this into practice over several years of trial and success. We embrace the collective intelligence of the team, combined with collaboration, transparency, and simplicity. Emphasis is placed on relationships and interactions in a framework that helps people, teams, and organizations generate value through adaptive solutions for complex problems.

Follow these tips above and you will empower not only your learners but your business leadership as well. In doing so you provide a measurable ROI based on learners’ satisfaction and growth, while simultaneously achieving your organization’s desired business outcomes.

At Omni Tech Medical, we are ready to plan with you. More importantly, we are ready to be agile, adaptable, and quick on our feet with you, every changing step of the way!

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