Hot Topic 10 – Is your training curriculum really improving Performance?

The curriculum you create is central to your organization’s learning & development strategies to improve outcomes for all learners. Training programs should not be treated as “events” but as “processes” that bring understanding, knowledge, and skills so your learners can better perform in the field.

Expected business outcomes must be the bedrock of training curriculums, on which the design and delivery plans must rest:

  • Is the training going to fill the performance gap you’ve identified?
  • Is it going to bring value to the learners?
  • Are learning transfer activities included to help apply new behaviors to the field?
  • Are first line managers engaged in the training, and are they supporting it to drive the learning transfer?
  • Is training going to bring new and higher performance levels?
  • How is ROI going to be measured?

At Omni we design, develop, and implement holistic L&D curriculums that:

  • Bring value, satisfaction, and a sense of accomplishment to the learners
  • Facilitate learning transfer to impact behavioral changes
  • Improve performance to achieve business objectives

Talk to us about how we can support you with your training curriculums for a maximum return on investment.

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