Customer Engagement 2.0

According to the Objective Management Group, a whopping 68% of all salespeople do not follow a sales model at all, much less one that allows them to accurately tune into the respective personalities and preferences of their customers for maximum sales results!

Utilize the following tips and watch your Sales-Model adoption numbers jump!

But don’t rush the process. Your Sales-Model Training 2.0 deserves a well-developed and comprehensive curriculum.

Here are some tips for doing so:

  • Generate high energy and excitement with exhilarating teaser videos.
  • Have all your trainees take the Everything DiSC® for Sales assessment and attend the Understanding DiSC for Sales Workshop (ILT or WBT).
  • Involve your trainees in some engaging Selling Model and DiSC activities prior to your training and prime your managers ahead of time so they can support their teams through simulations and role-playing.
  • Create a series of animated interactive mini-modules with powerful microlearning features.
  • And to boost confidence and accuracy, offer a DiSC App to encourage your trainees to implement your Sales Model 2.0 immediately and consistently.

At Omni, we know that Sales-Model Training based on understanding human behavior is crucial for high-performance complex sales, now more than ever. Talk to us about creating your Sales-Model Training Curriculum 2.0.

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