Hot Topic 3 – Making those sales calls more impactful!

While some HCPs are currently resistant to Sales Rep led Lunch & Learns, most HCPs are very open to it! In fact, Sales Rep led Lunch & Learns delivered via conference calls or Zoom video are rated as highly effective by doctors right now!

As a Learning & Development Lead you can provide crucial guidance to your Sales Force on making those calls more impactful! For example, HCPs are mentioning that Sales Rep calls are more meaningful when Sales Reps send an agenda in advance, so pre-call planning is essential. Showing empathy by starting the calls with questions or concerns about the doctor, their health, their practice, and their employees is key in establishing trust and building relationships before segueing into a product conversation.

Of course, all of this necessitates mastering the technical issues of virtual calls, having strong internet connections, upgrading to mesh networks, etc.

Making those sales calls more impactful